We are often confronted with the question "Why is there so much cruelty around us?"But we ourselves give the children a weapon in their hands.We teach children to play war and enjoy this game.Why, then, shouldn't adults show this side?
Since 2013, I have been asking myself the question of interaction between children and weapons, I am very worried about the question of "educated cruelty". Is the child's play the basis of the level of aggression that surrounds us today? War, terrorism, robbery in the middle of the streets. Isn't that why has the world around you so ruthless?
I found my soldiers from childhood (or rather, they got me from someone older) and realized that their poses are always aggression, the game is the fight. And I tried to record this fact in such a manner. And I ask you: "At what point in adulthood does shooting people become not a game, but a crime of the law?