Margo Didichenkoart & documentary photographer

based in Warsaw, originally from Kyiv
graduate from the extensive course by Victor Marushchenko Photography School (Kyiv, Ukraine) and Conceptual photography course by Chekachkov Photo Academy (Kharkiv, Ukraine).Since December 2021 - member of the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPP)

• 2021 Jule - collective exhibition “Project dialogue "Who am I?" and "Stereotype", curators - NGO "City-Garden" team and Anastasia Pereverten / National Center “Ukrainian House’ / Kyiv, Ukraine
• 2020 June - collective exhibition “REVISIONS”, curators Roman Pyatkovka & Igor Chekachkov / YermilovCentre / Kharkiv, Ukraine• 2020 February-March - collective exhibition “Urban Challenges” by PEP, curators Bénédicte Blondeau, Liesl Pfeffer, Rüdiger Lange / B-Part Exhibition / Berlin, Germany
• 2018 - personal exhibition “CANATIONS. City. Values” with CANactions / Gallery-on-the-Go, America House “decentralizes” art exposure by sharing its permanent art collection with a wide range of art enthusiasts at the 27 Window on America Centers in regional cities throughout Ukraine.• 2018 October - collective exhibition "Feel Ukraine" in the frame of "Exposure and Hide" / Daegu Photo Biennale 2018 / Daegu, South Korea• 2018 September - collective exhibition "Feel Ukraine" / Hankuk University of Foreign Studies / Seoul, South Korea• 2018 May - collective exhibition "Border" Art Residence, curators Alevtina Kakhidze & Zhenya Kuleba / “Ya Gallery” / Kyiv, Ukraine
• 2017 August - collective exhibition "Border" Art Residence, curators Alevtina Kakhidze & Zhenya Kuleba / City’s main library / Slavyansk, Ukraine• 2017 June - “CANATIONS. City. Values” with CANactions / CANactions Festival at Mystetskyi Arsenal / Kyiv, Ukraine• 2017 April-May - “CANATIONS. City. Values” with CANactions / Kyiv City Council / Kyiv, Ukraine• 2017 March-April - “CANATIONS. City. Values” with CANactions / American House / Kyiv, Ukraine