One of many
2020 / ongoing
A typical safe place it's our house.
So, you imagining your prived house with a pitched roof or apartment in a highrise building?

The houses are essentially the same, their architectural expressiveness is imaginary. The difference in the viewer: what one looks at, what is important to them, what is the focus. The specificity of the picture is assigned by our mindset: the details appear in the head. An image is created in the act of thinking. And then - it exists. Recognition of one's own home comes from individual sensory experience.
The created personified image forms the basis of identification of the house from an infinite set of similar.
The objectivity of perception is unattainable.

This project is an attempt to find the edge of blurring the recognizability of the image of the safe place of each person, like my perception of my homely feel, reinvent universal vision of the sense of security.

I blur the image, focusing as close to myself as possible, as an allusion to our collective fear of clear looking around us.
I reprint photographs on the cheapest office equipment with horrible output refer to the culture of consumption is fleeting and requires speeding up production for the sake of quality and common sense.
I scan ready-made images with a smartphone camera because my generation is needed to capture each moment to feel its existing

Through these prisms, I try to erase the image of the house as a kind of subjective fact. Only the inner feeling of its safe place remains, although the appearance of the image has long been lost.