From early childhood based on my family's background, I understood that I need to choose a scientific way. Only the topic was a question for my decision. I chose Architecture, but my set of interests are in all type of aesthetics and composition.My grandfather studied the wear of tractor bearings in the dissertation thesis. In my scientific work, I research the development of the morphological structure of urban planning. Exactly half a century between our works and, it seems, a gap in the sphere of interests, methods and goals. Mental connections motivate me to reflect on work that is no in my sphere of interest, to look for common features in it, to find familiar images and characters.
Conceptually, I combine two works with the minding conditionality of a fixed moment, I look for the similarity of the subject of studying - processes of change under the impact of time. Formally, this is digital collages that integrate micrographs of damaged surfaces from an electron microscope refer us to aerial photographs, which I use in my research as a basis for creating diagrams. This is how my symbiosis is formed - real cities in the abstract morphological models and imaginary landscapes of a tractor part.
Exhibitions:● Jule 2021 - collective exhibition “Project dialogue "Who am I?" and "Stereotype", curators - NGO "City-Garden" team and Anastasia Pereverten / National Center “Ukrainian House’ / Kyiv, Ukraine● June 2020 - "REVISION" by Chekachkov Photo Academy / ErmilovCentre / Kharkiv